Bella Hadid Responded to Criticism Over Viral Video of Herself Talking About Not Having Louboutins as a Teen

Even she agreed that it was a "bad story to tell."

Bella Hadid is owning up to a tone-deaf comment she made in a recently resurfaced video. Earlier this year, the supermodel sat down with Vogue to reflect on her most iconic looks throughout her career, and at the end of the video, she revealed that, like most teens, she never had designer clothing growing up.

"I never, growing up, had anything designer. My mom wouldn't let me. I think I got my first pair of Louboutins when I graduated high school," Hadid said while discussing a pink plaid look she wore to Cannes with a "little Chopard" earring. "It makes me emotional actually, because I'm so happy in this picture, for the first time in my whole adult life."

She continued, "I feel so good about myself, I felt beautiful. And compared to the girl that I see in the beginning, she was so sad, and she is so content and happy. I love to see that progression, I feel blessed that I made it out alive of that mental state that I was in for so many years."

This month, the clip was reposted to TikTok and people sarcastically commented on how Hadid's story was "so relatable" to others. The supermodel responded to the backlash and admitted that it probably wasn't the best anecdote to share, but explained why she did it. "I never take anything I've ever had for granted, and I feel undeserving of it at all times," she wrote in the comments section of the post. "But I wore this same pair of shoes that were given to me as a gift for the first three years of my career to every job, every go-see or meeting. The metal is all that's left at the bottom of the heel."

Bella Hadid
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"I'm sorry it sounded pathetic, but 1. Bad story to tell and 2. I agree, I can't listen to myself talk either," Hadid added.

Elsewhere in the video, Bella revealed that she was "embarrassed" by the red high-slit gown she wore to Cannes back in 2016. "I was nervous in this dress," said Bella of the Alexandre Vauthier dress that featured a slit that went past her hip. "I look very sexual and all of these things." She continued, "I kind of get embarrassed by this moment still — even though this dress is gorgeous. It's just, again, this doesn't feel so much like me and I think that this was the start of the Bella persona that everyone sees in me."

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