Bella Hadid Posed in Her Underwear in Her Latest Instagram Post

The model also wore the front of her hair in super skinny '90s-esque braids.

Bella Hadid, known for her bold hair and fashion choices, is giving us major throwback vibes with her latest Instagram post.

On Tuesday, the model posted a series of photos posing in a matching purple bra and underwear set. Hadid held the majority of her hair back while the two front sections were braided in '90s-esque skinny, tight braids. She wore layered gold necklaces and small gold hoops while posing against a white door. She revealed that the series of photos was actually taken a year ago.

The first photo in the series is a close-up selfie of Hadid's face. The fashion icon explains that the scratch on her face was from a reoccurring accident while dreaming. "A year ago when I continuously and accidentally made my face bleed every night while dreaming," Hadid captioned the photo.

The fact that the model was styling her hair this way a year ago shows just how on top of the trends she really is (or maybe she's just the one setting them?). And while these photos are from a year ago, Hadid is still experimenting with nostalgic hairstyles. Just this weekend, she shared a TikTok wearing a blunt-bob wig with confusingly short dip-dyed bangs. The over-the-top wig was fleeting, but shortly after, Hadid posed with bleached front strands channeling her inner '90s diva.

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