Bella Hadid Wore Throwback Platforms With a Tiny Bikini

And just about every other trend from the '00s.

Supermodel supreme Bella Hadid wears the latest trends when she hits the runway for Fashion Week, but it's clear that when she gets dressed, she's not about pushing the new new, she's more likely to embrace styles that reigned when she was still learning how to walk. Case in point: Hadid's latest sun-soaked Instagram post shows off a slew of '00s and late-'90s trends. Being born in '96, Hadid never got the chance to embrace them the first time around, so this is her chance to dress up like Sharpay Evans and the entire 2002 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards red carpet.

Hadid's gallery features a pair of thick black platform flip flops, echoing a style that just about every teenage girl lusted over in junior high. Whether Rocket Dog or Steve Madden, the chunky black style reigned supreme. Hadid paired the shoes with an earthy print bikini and cover-up, wearing her hair in two braids covered by a headscarf, another Disney Channel star move. The finishing touches included ska-punk adjacent yellow-lensed sunglasses, chunky gold bangles, and a gold belly chain embellished with hammered disks. She offered a close-up of the accessory in one of the photos, also zeroing in on a tiny tattoo below her belly button.

Hadid's new outfit post comes after the release of a video with Vogue where she admitted that not every one of her outfits is a home run. She told the publication that one of her most memorable Cannes gowns was regrettable and that her now-infamous lung gown at this year's film festival wasn't a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen like it appeared to be.

Hadid's recent fashion moves have had a few fans scratching their heads. In a few street-style shots, Bella wore a comb headband and, in another, a cropped hoodie that looked like it was pulled from an Avril Lavigne music video. Nostalgia seems to be her (and her stylist's) latest M.O. and for anyone hoping for a renaissance of mall staples, Hadid seems like an enthusiastic harbinger of the TRL fashion that we all thought got lost to time.

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