Bella Hadid Channelled the '00s in the Best Way

She said, "See you later, boy."

Forget the Juicy Tracksuits, the tiny shoulder bags, and the platform flip-flops. Bella Hadid chose another early '00s touchstone to showcase in her latest Instagram post: skater style and Avril Lavigne's singular homage to star-crossed love, the iconic bop "Sk8er Boi." Hadid's post showed off just about every signifier of old-school skate culture, though it's safe to assume that she's not posing in Dickies pants and beat-up Vans.

Hadid showed off her outfit in multiple photos, showcasing her midriff in the first one — though she didn't go that far with the faux-flash — and various parts of her fit, including a loose, boxy coach's jacket, relaxed-fit khaki pants, chunky brown Nike sneakers, and a black NY baseball cap. She finished the look with a braid in her hair and simple black sunglasses.

"She was a sk8r boi she said see ya l8r boi," she wrote alongside the gallery, throwing it back to Lavigne's most famous tune.

Hadid's brown sneakers made an appearance last week in Paris, when she matched her outfit (shoes included) to her coffee. That outfit didn't give off the same Avril-on-TRL vibes as today's IG posts, but it was certainly a mood — and the impromptu rooftop skater shoot is nothing if not an entirely different vibe. Now just try to get these lyrics out of your head: "He was a punk / She did ballet / What more can I say?"

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