Are message pants the new message tees?

By Isabel Jones
Dec 18, 2020 @ 12:59 pm

We wouldn’t describe a Nor’Easter as sexy, but evidently Bella Hadid’s pants would. 

On Thursday, the model shared a series of photos and videos of herself enjoying the year’s first snow in N.Y.C. 

Hadid, with all the excitement of child on Christmas morning, made snow angels and even skated down the street (with the help of a friend and some seemingly ill-advised footwear).

The 24-year-old bundled up in both a leather letterman jacket and quilted vest. Hadid completed her cozy and casual look with a surprising choice of pants. Her flared white trousers were decorated with a series of yellow-lettered words below the knee, all of which spelled out “sex.”

Not exactly “sex pants” as deemed by Victoria Beckham, but certainly a variation on the theme. Are message pants the new message tees? (Asking for a friend.)

We respect a fashion icon who keeps us on our damn toes!