Bella Hadid Does Schoolgirl Style the Supermodel Way

The assignment? Aced.

Bella Hadid Schoolgirl Outfit Instagram
Photo: @bellahadid/Instagram

School might be out for summer, but Bella Hadid's latest look is taking a page out of the prep school student handbook. On Saturday, the supermodel visited artist Anne Imhof's Avatar exhibition at Galerie Buchholz in New York City, and her outfit fit right in with the high school theme.

Though, TBH it probably would have gotten us sent home, or straight to the principal's office.

Putting her personal spin on schoolgirl style, Bella paired an oversized navy crewneck T-shirt that featured white contrasting bands on the collar and sleeve hems with a matching, butt-baring micro miniskirt, white knee-high socks, and rather than Mary Janes or oxfords, she opted for her favorite Adidas sneakers. As she posed between a row of lockers, Hadid showed off her accessories, which included a white leather handbag slung over her shoulder and layers of gold chain necklaces. Her naturally wavy hair was pulled back and secured with a '90s-style banana clip, while her wispy bangs effortlessly grazed above her eyebrows.

Bella's followers picked up on the classroom concept, and in the comments section of her post, her sister Alana Hadid jokingly wrote, "Be home by curfew," while stylist Danielle Goldberg offered an idea for a caption, writing: "A Teen." A third asked the model to "take us to school."

Without a doubt, Bella would be the coolest (and best-dressed) girl roaming the halls.

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