Bella Hadid Went Incognito in Burberry

But the boldness of her outfit gave her identity away.

Bella Hadid Burberry Fashion Show

Bella Hadid attempted to go incognito while arriving to Burberry's fall/winter 2022 fashion presentation in London on Friday morning — key word, attempted.

But underneath the over-the-top pink shades and white scarf wrapped around her head, it was without a doubt Bella. The giveaway? It's simple: the pure and utter chaos of her outfit.

While the rest of the attendees (Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, her sister Gigi Hadid) went for subdued black outfits that subtly incorporated Burberry's signature check pattern, Bella, on the other hand, did the opposite and wore the iconic print head-to-toe. In baggy baby pink separates. The supermodel paired her oversized pink check jacket with matching loose-fitting trousers, and accessorized with chunky-soled sneakers in a clashing color. A black leather Chanel tote that coordinated with her gloves and layers of mismatched necklaces completed her chaotic look.

Ahead of the fashion event, Hadid followed in her older sister's footsteps and announced that she would also be donating her earnings from fashion month to organizations helping the victims of the Ukrainian invasion. "To watch my Ukrainian friends and colleagues working hard here in Europe, so close but so far from their families/friends/homes in Ukraine who are experiencing one of many brutal occupations and invasions happening right now in the world is a very emotional and humbling experience for me," she began her post, adding: "We rarely have control of our work schedules and this week has really shown me the strength and perseverance of the people around me who are going through pure terror. To hear their stories and emotions first hand is devastating and I wholeheartedly stand with them in support."

She continued, "I stand along side every person that has been affected by this war and the innocent people who's lives have been changed forever from the hands of 'power.'"

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