Bella Hadid Paired Gen Z's Favorite Pants With Little Bo Peep's Favorite Top

The best of both worlds.

Bella Hadid has long proven she doesn't pay much attention to following trends — not that it really matters. As one of Gen Z's resident fashion darlings, anything she wears tends to get adopted by the masses after a singular photo dump. So, with that logic, and the help of the supermodel's latest Instagram post, the outfit combination we can expect to start seeing everywhere includes a classic model-off-duty uniform with a Little Bo Peep twist.

Bella Hadid Instagram
Bella Hadid Instagram

On Thursday, Hadid debuted the outfit when sharing a series of photos from a recent trip spent visiting her mother, Yolanda Hadid, in Holland. In the snaps, Bella was seen eating, drinking, and posing her way through the country in one of her go-to ensembles: baggy, oversized blue jeans paired with a form-fitting top. But while we may have seen similar looks from the supermodel in the past, Hadid added her signature unexpected flair to the outfit by layering a white corset with pink piping and bow details over a coordinating off-the-shoulder pink blouse with bell sleeves on her top half.

Continuing the whimsical, cottagecore feel into her beauty look, Bella fashioned her hair into two braids and accessorized with a smattering of jewelry, black heels with white socks, a black leather bag, and silver peace sign earrings.

Bella's sweet post with her mom comes shortly after she opened up about a cause that hits close to home. When speaking to journalist Noor Tagouri on The Rep podcast, the model commented on the backlash she's received for speaking out about the conflict in her father, Mohamed Hadid's, homeland of Palestine.

"I had friends that completely dropped me, like even friends that I had been having dinner with on Friday nights, for seven years, now just won't let me into their house," she shared. "My intention is that my truth can possibly mirror somebody else's truth. When I was 14, I wrote, 'Free Palestine', on my hand literally with flowers in paint. And I was being called names and being immediately blasted as a person of hatred for another people."

She added, "I have no fear when it comes to this. I really believe that it's like what happens, happens, and what is going to happen is bigger than me. If I lose every job, the reason why I did all of the work that I did was to get to this point."

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