Bella Hadid's Dip-Dyed Baby Bangs Are So Confusing

Made for TikTok, not real life.

It was only a matter of time before Bella Hadid went all out on her love of all things aughts. From the Ed Hardy T-shirts to the sk8er boi aesthetic, she's been mining her nostalgia for the '00s in so many looks it's tough to keep track of which looks are straight off the runway and which ones are of Hadid living out her Avril Lavigne fantasies. The latest throwback comes courtesy of Hadid's TikTok account, where she showed herself wearing a wig with a set of tiny bangs. And it didn't just stop there, Hadid added dip-dyed bleached ends to the Amelie-adjacent look (or, New York Mag's very cringe-inducing Lord Farquaad comparison), adding one more layer of punk-pop to the entire hair situation.

Allure notes that Hadid has been getting playful with wigs lately, showing off blonde hair in a very retro-looking Miss Sixty ad. And while "editorial" may be the most logical way to describe Hadid's new browny auburn-and-blonde 'do, the bold wig doesn't strike us as something people will be rushing to their stylists with. The bleached ends are highlighted by the wig's short bob length and Hadid's expert ability to showcase anything and make it look its absolute best.

When she's not fully embracing TRL countdown fashion, Hadid has been turning heads for her daring looks on the Cannes red carpet and in real life, with outfits that are barely there (in the best way). And, of course, she helped introduce the world to ovary cutouts and re-introduce it to the visible thong trend.

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