Bella Hadid's Latest Outfit Revealed the Corset's Casual Side

It can be dressed up or down — according to the supermodel.

Bella Hadid Burberry Fashion Dinner Corset

From 2021 on, more often than not, the corset has complemented (or, in some cases, replaced) the red carpet pantsuit and quickly became the new going-out top amongst supermodels. Despite its dressy undertones, the lingerie-inspired garment can also be just as easily dressed down for more casual occasions. Just ask Bella Hadid.

After attempting to go incognito in head-to-toe pink Burberry plaid at the brand's fall/winter 2022 fashion presentation, the model stepped out for a post-show dinner at the Twenty Two private members' club in London on Friday evening. On her way out the door, Bella was photographed wearing a black velvet corset, but rather than being overtly sexy, the top was more covered-up than usual. It was made even more conservative with a denim maxi-length skirt with red stitching and chunky black boots that covered her legs.

Bella accessorized with fingerless woven leather gloves, a black beaded choker necklace, and nighttime sunglasses. She wore her hair up in a slicked-back bun, which was secured with a pinstripe-printed scrunchie.

Earlier in the day, Bella announced that like her older sister Gigi, she would be donating her fashion month earnings to Ukrainian and Palestinian relief.

"We rarely have control of our work schedules and this week has really shown me the strength and perseverance of the people around me who are going through pure terror. To hear their stories and emotions first hand is devastating and I wholeheartedly stand with them in support. I stand along side every person that has been affected by this war and the innocent people who's lives have been changed forever from the hands of 'power,'" she wrote on Instagram, adding that her earnings would be going directly to "organizations that are providing help, refuge and medical aide to those in need on the ground in Ukraine, as well as continuing to support our Palestinian people and land."

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