Bella Hadid's Itty Bitty Chain Bra Top Could Not Have Been Smaller

That's one way to minimize tan lines.

As if we needed a reminder that bra tops are back and better than ever, Bella Hadid just became the latest celeb to take on the tiny trend (joining the likes of Dua Lipa and Eva Longoria) while elevating the look to a whole new level.

On Thursday, the supermodel shared one of her signature captionless photo dumps on Instagram detailing behind-the-scenes moments from a beach day spent shooting for i-D magazine. Skipping typical swimwear, Hadid sported a top much less practical — but no less revealing — for the photoshoot comprised of the tiniest chain link Jacquemus bra held together only by brown heart-shaped and yellow star-shaped charms.

Adding to the chaotic look, Bella paired the top with a white bolero littered with cutouts and a matching wrap maxi skirt featuring a voluminous tulle underlay, both also from the fashion house. The model opted for a bronzy no-makeup makeup look to complete the ensemble and wore her brown hair in damp waves.

Bella Hadid Instagram
Bella Hadid Instagram

In the interview that accompanied Hadid's photo shoot, the model got candid about what it was like entering the industry and dealing with imposter syndrome. "During that part of my life, I was so out of body, disassociating so much... I was so confused by what people saw of me," she told the publication. "I still, even now, see comments on Instagram when I'm sitting on the couch and am like, 'Are they talking about me?' I don't understand how I've gotten to this point where people either appreciate my work or know who I am."

Later, Hadid added that staying true to herself is the only way she manages to stay sane in such a wild career. "People can make up stories about me; they can form whatever version of me they want in their head," Bella shared. "But I think the truth and the light always ends up coming out. My truth, who I really am, and what I stand for, is going to be seen."

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