Icons on icons, literally. 

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Happy Monday to Marc Jacobs's Virgin Suicides skirt only.

Bella Hadid started our week off on exactly the right nostalgic note. The 25-year-old model shared images from her new Marc Jacobs campaign, which include a shot of her (in triplicate) dancing on a city rooftop amid a spray of bubbles in a pale yellow bra top, a satin midi skirt bearing Kirsten Dunst's face (as Lux Lisbon in Sofia Coppola's 1999 cult-classic adaptation), and a pair of knee-high black leather platform boots. The pieces are from the brand's vibe-y "Heaven" collection.

And while not everyone wants to wear Dunst's visage across their bottom half, there are also options to proudly display Lux's face on your chest — hoodie, button-up, tank ... Something for every Virgin Suicides fan, no matter their preferred style.

Bella Hadid Marc Jacobs
Credit: Courtesy Marc Jacobs

Hadid, who was 2 years old when the Virgin Suicides first premiered at Cannes, shared additional (gloriously '90s) shots from the campaign, as well. Plaid skirts and knee-high socks are evidently back and we are not complaining.