Bella Hadid's Skin-Tight Catsuit Very Much Channeled Sandy From 'Grease'

We’ve got chills, they’re multiplying.

Bella Hadid Instagram
Photo: Bella Hadid Instagram

When it comes to model-off-duty dressing, Bella Hadid isn't one to stick with a single decade for long. And while we've seen her rock plenty of '90s-inspired outfits — and wear almost every Y2K comeback trend in the book — the supermodel's latest look just threw it back even further: All the way to the late 1950s.

On Tuesday, Bella posted a captionless photo dump on Instagram detailing a dreamy stint in Europe following her appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Hadid wore a strapless black catsuit to walk along the beach and make a pit stop for ice cream and pizza (of course), which she documented with a series of OOTD photos and videos. Aside from the catsuit's sleeveless nature and diamond-shaped side cutouts, the outfit very much gave Sandra Dee's badass transformation outfit worn during "You're The One That I Want" at the end of Grease.

Bella modernized the outfit even further by wrapping a long, colorful scarf around her neck and adding heart-shaped gold statement earrings, a black handbag, skinny sunglasses, and snakeskin heels. Skipping Sandy's iconic blonde perm, Bella wore her brunette hair pulled into a messy low ponytail with wispy forehead bangs on full display.

The supermodel's European getaway comes shortly after she revealed she almost didn't make it to the continent at all. According to an Instagram post last Tuesday, Hadid misplaced her passport in the days leading up to the trip. "Lost my passport," she captioned a photo of her wearing saggy blue jeans and bug-eye sunglasses. "Got a new passport. landed at 5:30am. shoot at 7. show at 12. made it by the skin of my teeth."

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