The Bachelor's First Major Feud of the Season Is Here: Whose Side Are You On?

The Bachelor Cry - Embed
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Last night, Bachelor Arie got one step closer to finding love. He made out with a lot of faces, introduced us to his parents, and turned up the shmaltz. But we'll spare you the panning shots of butterflies. More important is that the waiting-room drama is on.

ICYMI, here's what you need to know: Arie had a couple steamy one-on-one dates and hosted a demolition derby for the remaining 15 women vying for his love, meaning contestants got to channel their frustrations into physical wreckage. Seinne emerged as a cool, intelligent front-runner, though Arie seems to like her mainly because she won the car-smashing activity. Arie gave her the first post-group date rose, but not before he took down-to-earth Becca K on a shopping spree and, in the most aggressive first-date move ever, flew fitness coach Krystal to his hometown to meet his parents. And that was hardly the strangest thing that happened on their date...

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Read on for the three WTF moments from last night's episode that give us hope this season may finally be heating up.


The beginning of Arie's date with Krystal was vulnerable and sweet. He took her to his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ; drove past the pizza shop he worked at and the spot where he had his first kiss; and watched home videos, flashing back to a prepubescent Arie with showmanship and pizzazz (where did that spice go?). Then, Krystal got ambushed with a Meet the Parents. She handled it with grace, and Arie's mother welcomed her warmly. She seemed to see something of herself in Krystal—like maybe half of her DNA? I've heard of people being playfully accused of "dating their mom/dad," but these two women are full-on twin emojis.


When the women arrive at the site of their group date, a demolition derby, Annaliese breaks down in tears, explaining that she was traumatized—by the experience of riding bumper cars as a child. The other women try to comfort her but make fun of her behind her back and claim it's all a ploy for Arie's attention—which, if it is, does work. It's impossible not to feel for Annaliese a little. Who wants to spend a date getting sweaty while 14 other people trying to look better than you give you whiplash during an activity that scares you? Plus, she talks about being legitimately traumatized.

That didn't stop Twitter from roasting The Bachelor's limp attempt at creating a dramatic moment out of her fear and, even better/worse, the slow-mo flashback of a little girl riding bumper cars they roll while Annaliese talks about her distaste for the carnival activity.


Welcome back to the Krystal show. The raspy-voiced nice girl revealed her mean girl side in episode 2, eclipsing Chelsea as the troublemaking fron-trunner. After receiving a rose immediately following her one-on-one (girl deserved it after meeting the entire family), she interrupted not one but two women who pulled Arie aside for private conversations during their group date. Bibiana—who already showed her fiery side by storming out of a group soiree because she was last to get the opportunity for a tete-a-tete—was having none of it.

After Krystal interrupted her first real private moment with Arie, Bibiana voiced what everyone in the room was thinking—and then some. Calling Krystal out for being a total Arie hog, she stood up, got in Krsytal's face, and announced, “If I’m trying to talk to my man, you need to back the f-ck up," followed by a mimed—and narrated—mic drop.

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