By Jennifer Ferrise
Updated Jan 15, 2018 @ 2:15 pm
Credit: Paul Hebert/ABC

Getting dressed for a first date is always a challenge. But getting dressed for a first date that’ll air live on ABC? The pressure is on. Perhaps that’s why the ladies of The Bachelor trade in their trusty LBDs for pageant-worthy gowns every single rose ceremony.

While most men would’ve glazed over at the sight of all those sequins, this season’s Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. paid very close attention to the looks that the women chose.

“It’s funny, I can remember pretty much everyone’s dress from that first night especially,” Luyendyk Jr. told InStyle. “And for the women I was really interested in, I can tell you exactly what they wore on dates with me throughout the entire season—even down to their earrings.”

Credit: Paul Hebert/ABC

During the all-important night one, Luyendyk Jr. even noticed that two contestants—Lauren B. (above) and Alison (below)—wore the exact same dress to meet him (gasp!). “I remember that one was silver and one was gold, but they looked so similar,” he said. “So I asked them, ‘Are you guys from the same city?’ And they both said they were from Dallas, so apparently they shopped at the same place. I was proud I picked that up on that!”

Credit: Paul Hebert/ABC

Twinning aside, with 29 women dressing to impress, which made him do a double take? “For a first date, the sexiest thing a woman can wear is a beautiful dress, especially in a color like red,” Luyendyk Jr. said. “Krystal’s red dress caught my eye right away. She was one of the only ones to wear that color and it looked amazing.”

Credit: Paul Hebert/ABC

If red’s not your thing, Luyendyk Jr. suggested to go classic. “You can never go wrong with a simple black dress either. Chelsea wore one on the first night and I remember thinking how beautiful she looked in it when I saw her.”

Perhaps it was the dress then that led to Chelsea getting the coveted first impression rose, despite her drama with the rest of the women for stealing Arie away from the group, not once but twice.

Credit: Paul Hebert/ABC

“Watching that episode back was interesting because I had no idea the conversations that were happening in the house,” Luyendyk Jr. said. “I still feel good about choosing Chelsea for the first rose, though. I was really nervous that night and the fact that she was really interested in me gave me a lot of confidence.”

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