Ava Phillippe's Post for Reese Witherspoon's Birthday Will Make You Do a Triple Take

What came first, Ava Phillippe or Reese Witherspoon?

Yes, we've previously pointed out that the mother-daughter duo could pass for twins but it appears that the older each one gets, the truer this becomes. Case in point: Ava's birthday message for her now 42-year-old mom.

On Thursday, the 18-year-old model (here she is posing for Rodarte, ICYMI) did what any proud daughter would: wished her mom a HBD on Instagram. The photo is obviously cute, and Ava jazzed it up with some confetti stickers and an "I love you" message. However, they honestly could double as sisters, especially in their color-coordinated dresses.

Reese Ava Embed

Maybe it's time for them to star in their own reality show? It's not a bad idea. Keeping Up with Ava and Reese? I'd watch.

Interestingly, Reese has had a bit of a moment in the past year—and Ava has come along for the ride. The award-winning actress has taken home Emmys for the success of Big Little Lies, which she stars in and produces, but also is getting attention for the way she proudly serves as an advocate for women's rights. Let's not forget the fact that the woman owns her own production company, Hello Sunshine, and also is one of the staunch supporters of the Time's Up movement.

Little Ava, in the meantime, has stood by her side, occasionally appearing on some red carpets in a sweet, very PG-13 way, and making friends with other celebrities (casually) like cool-girl Rowan Blanchard.

Ava also modeled for Reese's clothing line, Draper James, this year.

And, again like her mom, she too is using her platform for activism.

So could Reese, you know, feel like the spotlight is shifting a little too much? Nah. It doesn't appear that way. She's still posting 'grams featuring Ava.

And when Nicole Kidman is the A-list friend wishing you a happy birthday on Instagram, I think you're good.

Now back to trying to tell them apart...

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