Ashley Graham Reveals the Outfit She Thinks Every Curvy Girl Should Own

Ashley Graham is one confident gal and she has a career’s worth of photos to prove it.

But even a famously body-positive model (and swimsuit designer!) like Graham has her off days. The 29-year-old told People Now that, like anyone, she has moments of insecurity when she heads to the beach.

“Like any girl, when you get to the beach or the pool, and you’re like ‘I have to take my cover-up off, oh crap!’” Graham admitted. But that voice inside her head doesn’t stop her for long: “And you feel like everybody’s watching … And then you get comfortable and you’re like ‘OK, another pina colada.’” Same, girl, saaame.

Another key to her infectious confidence? A go-to outfit.

When asked about a clothing item she thinks every curvy girl should own, the model laid out three pieces without a moment’s hesitation. (And honestly, we think EVERY girl—no matter her body type—should have these essentials.)

“Skinny black jeans, oversize white T-shirt, and a black moto jacket,” she answered.

Yep, we’re sold.







We know Graham’s pretty busy with her multi-hyphenate status as is, but we’re thinking she might need to add personal shopping to her laundry list of skills.

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