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Josh Newis-Smith
Oct 16, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

Most celebrity relationships start in old-fashioned ways with their eyes meeting across an awards season red carpet for instance or in a more modern manner with a suggestive retweet or a cheeky slide into the DMs. But Ashley Graham is not one of those celebrities; given that she barely has a filter, of course, she didn’t meet her husband in a conventional manner.

Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

In this week’s Joshington Hosts the world's most famous curve model exclusively told InStyle that she, in fact, met her husband of seven years, Justin Ervin, at her local church during a very unconventional event.

“We were in church for ‘Porn Sunday,'" she explained. “It's a day where ex-porn stars came in and talked about how their life had been changed by church and god.”

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Rest assured, neither of them were there as reformed porn stars; instead, Ashley was merely there to act as a guide to guests. As she explains: “I was in the elevator, serving and bringing people up saying, ‘Good morning, we are going to take you to the eighth floor and today is Porn Sunday!’”

With that kind of intro line surely the writing was on the wall, as Destiny’s Child circa 1999 would say? “Well, his friend said, ‘If you don’t talk to her I am,’ and that was it!"

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Make sure you watch the video above for more confessions from the queen of empowerment, as Ashley talks through her one rule for nudity and how her main goal in life is to get blocked on Twitter by Trump—well, if it’s good enough for Chrissy Teigen is good enough for her pal, Ashley.

It all just goes to show love can form in the most unlikely of places … even during Porn Star Sundays.

Ashley Graham is the face of Marina Rinaldi.

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