By Dacy Knight
Updated Jul 30, 2016 @ 4:00 pm
Ashely Graham Chanel Iman - LEAD
Credit: theashleygraham/Instagram

Talk about total knockouts! Ashley Graham and Chanel Iman gave us major beauty overload yesterday when they teamed up and snapped some selfies together. Possessing too much gorgeousness for one photo to handle, both models took to Instagram to post the winning pic from their selfie session. In the photo, the pair's otherworldly looks radiate as they stare down the camera side by side.

The showstopping duo captured the smoldering selfie while hanging out on set at a photo shoot in Brooklyn. Spending the day at a boxing gym in Dumbo, Graham captured all the behind-the-scenes action on her Snapchat.

In a series of videos and selfie shots, the 28-year-old stunner sported a grey crop top and black leggings while showing off her boxing skills and taking a number of timeouts to bust a variety of dance moves. Graham's husband of six years, Justin Ervin, joined her on set, playing around with Snapchat filters, lip-syncing to Zayn Malik's "PILLOWTALK," and posing for a sweet pic that Graham captioned with, "That real kinda love."

In another video, Iman is seen getting her hair and makeup done behind Graham, who playfully pokes fun saying, "So Chanel decided to come on set and steal my beauty crew, my glam squad. Not cute, Chanel." The two break it down to Drake's "Too Good" before Graham rejoins her husband for a number of filtered selfie videos. In a final shot on set, Graham does a selfie with Iman's face imposed over her own. To no surprise, the results are still gorgeous.

Ashely Graham Chanel Iman - embed - 1
Credit: Snapchat
Ashely Graham Chanel Iman - embed - 2
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Ashely Graham Chanel Iman - embed - 3
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