Ariana Grande Fans Think She Made a Clever Jab at Pete Davidson in Her New Single

"Positions" may contain a subtle allusion to the singer's ex.

Ariana Grande gave us a post-debate treat last night when she dropped her new single “Positions” and an accompanying music video that followed Ms. Ari — er, Madam President in the White House.

Pillbox hats, catchy bridges, ponytails … She’s given us so much.

Anyway, the song itself, which fans have inferred is about Grande’s romance with her current boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, may also call out one of her most famous exes, Pete Davidson

Twitter has latched on to the theory that one of the first lines in “Positions” is a dig at the Saturday Night Live star.

Grande opens the track with the lyrics "Heaven sent you to me, I'm just hoping I don't repeat history.” OK, it looks innocent enough on paper, but when you listen to the song, there’s a long beat between “re” and “peat,” leading fans to presume she’s referring her relationship with a certain “Pete.”

Somehow, this specific chapter of pop culture history ended … two years ago? Davidson and Grande’s romance began around May 2018, they got engaged approximately one day later, and by October it was all over. But we’ll always have the music … And this photo of Pete in a bucket hat:

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande
Robert Kamau/GC Images
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