Is Ariana Grande's Barely-There Beaded Top Actually a Tinkerbell Costume?

A dangerous outfit.

With the release of her makeup line, R.E.M. Beauty, on the horizon, Ariana Grande posted a sultry shot to her Instagram feed wearing a barely-there top that featured pieces of gauzy green material connected by delicate gold beads and whisper-thin straps.

While it looks like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen at first, a closer inspection shows that Grande seems to be thoroughly strapped into the Swiss cheese-like outfit, with various parts of the top connected to cutout sleeves and what could be another piece below the waist.

Grande, who has been wearing elaborate princess-y beaded matching sets (a more glam take on the Tinkerbell green of her IG) on the latest season of The Voice, also traded in her usual high ponytail for long, straight lengths without any sort of embellishment. This ensemble is also a stark contrast to other R.E.M. promotional shots, which have Grande dressed as a sexy astronaut armed with a lipstick taser.

Grande has a busy schedule in the coming weeks. In addition to her position on The Voice and dropping her beauty line, she'll appear in Netflix's Don't Look Up, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and a redheaded Jennifer Lawrence.

As a first-time coach on the NBC singing competition, Grande has expressed how hard it is for her to let go of her team members.

"More knockouts … more decisions I'm not emotionally equipped to make," she said on Monday's episode. Fellow coach John Legend told her that it's all a part of the process, saying that the hardest part of the show was coming to a close.

"It's really hard watching good people go home," he said. "Once you get to the knockouts, everyone's good. These decisions have been tough for all of us."

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