Ariana Grande's Midsommar Themed 27th Birthday Party Was a Floral Dream

It was May Queen, Florence Pugh, approved.

If you thought themed birthday parties were reserved for childhood, then Ariana Grande is here to prove you very wrong. The "Sweetener" singer threw herself a Midsommar themed 27th birthday party over the weekend and it was spot on.

In a series of Instagram posts, Grande posted images of herself wearing a flower crown and a large gardenia dress, just like the movie. She also posted a series of black and white images with friends wearing flower crowns too. "My friends and I went with a midsommar theme because help me," she wrote in one of the captions. The look consisted of a white crop top and white pumps that she held in her hands while posing.

Earlier in 2020, Grande expressed interest in buying the actual dress from the film, which was up for charity auction. The original May Queen gown weighed roughly 33 pounds and consisted of over 10,000 silk flowers. At the time of the auction, Grande admitted, "I WAS ALREADY PLANNING TO HAVe IT MADE ANYWAY BYE." Now we're apparently seeing the result.

Did we forget to mention the sweet kissing photo with her and her boyfriend Dalton Gomez? Scroll to slide five for that one.

The party got the ultimate Midsommar seal of approval when the film's star Florence Pugh commented, "Happy birthday sweetheart.

You can have the Mayqueen title today."

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