'13 Reasons Why' Star Anne Winters Is Madonna's Doppelgänger

The actress is making a case to play the iconic singer in her upcoming biopic.

Anne Winters, a 26-year-old actress best known for her role in 13 Reasons Why, has a new project on the horizon — or that’s the hope, at least.

Winters wants to play Madonna in the singer’s upcoming biopic, and given the strange state of Hollywood, she’s taken matters into her own hands.

On Instagram, the actress wrote that since the pandemic began “casting and film business has been whack af,” inspiring her to try “a new tactic.” Said tactic is transforming herself into the iconic performer, no detail spared — the mole, the eyebrows, the gap between her front teeth … all of it.

"I look up to Madonna and I’ve always felt like I should play her in her movie. I’ve been telling people that my dream role was to play Madonna in a biopic for years now," Winters told InStyle via email. "I’ve been steadily working in Hollywood for nine years but knew that if I didn’t do everything I could, I may not even get an opportunity."

“BLOW UP @madonna Instagram guys,” Winters told her followers. “I wana [sic] play her in her new biopic. I’ve been told I look like young Madonna forever, I act I sing I look like her.... cmon now.”

The results are pretty astounding:

"I wanted to recreate looks from all of the different stages in her career. The entire team did it for fun, and it became a passion project," the actress explained.

It wasn’t long before Winters’s initial goal was met and Madge herself followed the actress. "I had no idea that the BTS photos I posted would get as much attention as they have," Winters said. "Madonna followed me and reached out the day of the shoot – it was surreal."

Winters thinks the shoot itself proves she's following in the O.G. Material Girl's footsteps.

"Really the biggest reason why this role is important NOW, is that I naturally did exactly what Madonna would’ve done."

Earlier this month, Madonna revealed that she and Diablo Cody are writing her biopic, which focuses on her “struggle as an artist.” In an IG Live with Cody, the “Like a Virgin” singer added, “Trying to survive in a man’s world as a woman. And really just the journey, which has been happy, sad, mad, crazy, good, bad, and ugly.”

Oh, and the film will be directed by a woman who’s fairly well-versed in the material: again, Madonna. The performer’s directorial credits include feature films Filth and Wisdom and W.E., both of which were largely critically panned.

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