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Anna Kendrick Called Filming Twilight "Miserable"
She compared it to surviving a "hostage situation."
10 Movies Worth a Trip to the Theater This Month
September is here, and weekend trips to the beach have given way to trips to the movie theater. But, don't despair: This month's slate of new movie releases has everything from a seriously scary horror flick, to period pieces, and plenty of comedy to ease the pain of another summer coming to a close. Plus, Blake Lively, Tiffany Haddish, and Jake Gyllenhaal all make appearances (not all together, unfortunately). Ahead, the 10 films you need to see in September 2018. VIDEO: Should You Get MoviePass? RELATED: 7 Must-See Movies Premiering at The Toronto International Film Festival
10 Celebrities Get Real About the Horrors of Dating
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