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Amy Adams' movies have earned her multiple Oscar nominations, but the sexy film actress always wins big for fashion. Whether she's posing for photos with her husband on the Golden Globes red carpet or rocking street-style outfits that showcase her style, the Enchanted celebrity never fails to charm. DIY hair and makeup tutorials prove Amy Adams' red hair color and flawless makeup are always in-demand.

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The Oscar Parties Were Even Better than the Big Show
The Oscars are what everyone will still be talking about today, but for the celebrities, the main event was really just the beginning. Closing out a whole season of shows, the after-parties are where all the real action is. Not only do they involve even more big names — the Kodak Theater can only fit so many stars — the ones that you watched all night get comfortable (sometimes looking even better than they did during the ceremony) and get down. Vanity Fair's Oscar Party is legendary for drawing some of Hollywood's brightest, from the night's nominees to everyone who got snubbed and then some. And the photos? Some of the VF snaps are straight-up iconic. Elton John hosts another star-studded party — which is actually a fundraiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation — and since there are only so many celebs to go around, A-listers bounce from party to soiree all night long. 1,500 invited guests head to the Governor's Ball (the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ official post-Oscars celebration), where celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck serves up a feast that's become a Tinseltown tradition. It doesn't matter which party they go to, because win or lose, nominated or not, everyone lets their hair down, gets loose, and probably makes a few choices they'll regret tomorrow. Forget your Oscar ballot, because seeing how the stars party is even better than bragging about your perfect score. VIDEO: See Every Glamorous Look on the Oscars Red Carpet
Amy Adams Pulls an Angelina Jolie at the 2019 SAG Awards
The Sharp Objects star is celebrating her eighth and ninth nominations tonight.

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25 Stars Who Suffer from Imposter Syndrome

Stars, they're just like us. While they may be dressed to the nines and live downright glamorous lives, deep down, celebrities feel the same pressures that we all do. From doubting their own talent to feeling uninformed about politics, many famous stars have struggled to build self-confidence at one point or another in their careers and personal lives. Despite their vast and impressive achievements, they've suffered from imposter syndrome: the fear of ultimately being revealed as a fraud.  Turns out, no one is safe from feeling inadequate now and again. And plenty of stars, from Tina Fey and Meryl Streep to Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hanks, have spoken out on the matter. Below, 25 celebrities sound off on their perceived shortcomings.