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Cher Goes Platinum Blonde in Mamma Mia! Sequel's First Trailer

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7 Female Celebrities Who Support Watching Porn

The topic of pornography can be somewhat of a slippery slope. Of course, we fully support the women in the industry—they're showcasing a skill and shooting a film is certainly hard work—but on the other, hearing stories of actors who were exploited and taken advantage of makes us want to denounce it all. Still, it's always nice to hear news of more women getting involved as directors and photographers, and we have nothing but respect for the women who are able to make an empire out of their work. Hell, we'll put on a movie from time to time, and apparently, a lot of our favorite stars have the same practice. Here, we put together a list of 7 celebrities who are refreshingly open about the porn in their internet history.  VIDEO: You Can Now Buy Condoms In 60 Sizes—But Is That Really Necessary?