Amanda Gorman Made Super Bowl History Wearing the Most Incredible Coat

A true icon.

After capturing the nation's attention during the inauguration with her inspirational poem (and even more inspiring fashion choices), rising star Amanda Gorman returned to the spotlight once again for Super Bowl LV. And, unsurprisingly, both her words and outfit did not disappoint.

Ahead of kickoff, the 22-year-old made history as the first-ever Super Bowl poet, reciting a poem that honored three pandemic heroes: educator Trimaine Davis, nurse Suzie Dorner, and Marine veteran James Martin. For her prerecorded appearance, Gorman wore the most incredible sky blue coat with crystal embellishments by Moschino. She accessorized with silver hoops and a pearl headband.

Hours before the game, Gorman touched on the importance of her history-making moment. "Wow, we're about to see poetry at the Super Bowl for the first time people. It's a turning page for poetry, for art, and for our country, because it means we're thinking more imaginatively about the power of human stories, more expansively about the ways to connect us even when we feel more siloed than ever," she wrote on Instagram. "What's more, I can't tell you how many people I've heard say they are excited to watch the Super Bowl because there will be poetry at it."

"What a thrilling moment we live in, when we are so eager to celebrate art, hope and each other," she added, before concluding: "Here's to a Super Bowl like no other."

Good luck, footballers. That's a tough act to follow.

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