Amal Clooney Has Started Watching 'E.R.'

She's in that stage of quarantine.

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, you'd be forgiven for getting a little, well, bored. If you have the privilege of isolating safely at home and have done so since last March, chances are that you're running out of things to binge watch — or, like me, you find yourself unable to concentrate on anything you're watching.

If that's the case, you might take a page from Amal Clooney's book and dive into a tried-and-true classic: E.R.

George Clooney recently revealed that his wife Amal has started watching the show that made him a household name, and while we can't all watch our significant others in long-running network TV shows, E.R. might still be worth a shot.

Clooney, who played ladies's man Doug Ross on the show, said during an interview that Amal has begun watching old episodes, though whether or not she's a fan of his character is a different story.

"My wife is watching them now, and it's getting me in a lot of trouble because I'd forgotten all of the terrible things [Doug] was doing picking up on women," he said on the SmartLess podcast.

George and Amal Clooney

When host Jason Bateman suggested that Amal may be starstruck seeing her husband in the role, George replied, "Yeah, that's not my wife."

The actor previously discussed what he and his wife have been up to in quarantine with their children, three-year-old twins Ella and Alexander.

"I cook for the family. I'm the chef," he said back in December. "My wife, she does amazing things. She gets journalists out of jail in countries like Azerbaijan and Egypt, but when it comes to cooking, she makes reservations."

"She went to hard boil an egg once, and she put the egg in the pan and turned the stove on without any water in the pan," he added.

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