Aly Raisman Had the Perfect Response to a Body-Shaming Airport Experience

Photo: Rick Kern/WireImage

Aly Raisman is not here for anyone's body shaming.

The Olympic gymnast sounded off on Twitter Tuesday following an encounter with a rude TSA agent who criticized the size of her biceps. "I don't see any muscles," he said, when a fellow agent asked her if she was a gymnast.

"I work very hard to be healthy & fit," she continued. "The fact that a man thinks he judge my arms pisses me off I am so sick of this judgmental generation. If u are a man who can't compliment a girls you are sexist. Get over yourself. Are u kidding me? It's 2017. When will this change? He was very rude. Staring at me shaking his head like it couldn't be me because I didn't look "strong enough" to him? Not cool."

The incident went down after Raisman enjoyed a vacation to Turks and Caicos with friends, and in spite of her rant, she didn't let it get her down too much. The athlete went on to share a photo of herself on the island with her toned arms on display, naturally.

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