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8 Clueless-Inspired Outfits That Are Somehow Perfect in 2018

Will there ever be a day where the outfits from Clueless are considered outdated? As if. Today marks exactly 22 years since the movie was released in theaters. And street-style stars, celebrities, and models are still rocking outfits that are so Cher and Dionne: plaid separates, spaghetti-strap dress, square-neck tank tops, platform heels, and more. Celebrate the iconic movie by shopping the Clueless-inspired fashions that still hold up today. VIDEO: See Cher's Most Iconic Clueless Outfits

The Only 12 TV Shows You Need to Watch This June

Get comfortable because Netflix's hit reboot of Queer Eye is back for its second season this month, and we don't anticipate you leaving your couch anytime soon. (Sorry, summer.) With hotly awaited returning shows like Younger and GLOW and major premieres everyone will be talking about (looking at you, Pose), June is a binge-watch-worthy month. We don't insist on much, but the 12 shows below are seasonal musts. RELATED: 6 Books to Read Before They Become Movies VIDEO: Get Your First Tease of 'Queer Eye' Season 2

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8 Celebrities Who Use Sex Toys—and Own It

Whether you're a Rabbit kind of gal, or prefer a hands-free experience, one thing is certain—your favorite sex toy has been there for you through the good times and, well, mostly the good times. For some, that pal stays tucked away, talked about with only an inner circle. But badass stars like Rihanna, Eva Longoria, and, yes, the late, great Carrie Fisher don't hide the fact that they have a sex toy hidden in their underwear drawer like the rest of us. Because isn't self-love the greatest love of all? Below, we put together a list of 8 celebs who own their sexual pleasure—and the tools that help them achieve it. Stars, they're just like us, right? VIDEO: 5 Ways to Get Out of a Sex Rut, According to Experts

5 Stylish Movie Closets We'd Give Almost Anything to Raid

How many times have you been engrossed in a film, watching the good guy pursue the bad guy or the girl meet the boy, only to get distracted thinking, "Oh! I love her dress, I wonder who it's by?!"  An eye-catching wardrobe in film is nothing unusual, of course. Outfits are part of the story telling; they help define who a character is. But let's be real, the actress on screen can be the biggest villain known to mankind, but if she has killer style, we can't help but root for her a little bit, if only to give her outfits more screen time. A movie filled with sleek dresses, cool baubles, awesome accessories, and an even more awesome woman? Well, that's our kind of movie. Here, we count down five of our favorite film closets from a variety of on-screen characters. We have an criminal informant, a ditzy high schooler, an aspiring writer, a psychopath, and a hustler. They all have one thing in common: a drool-worthy wardrobe worth revisiting.