Alexa Chung
Credit: Venturelli/Getty

Twiddling your thumbs until Alexa Chung's clothing line launches on May 31st? Here's some eye candy to get you through the next 48 hours.

It’s hard to imagine a time when Chung wasn’t a staple on every single street style blog, but in 2004, musician, Mike Skinner took a risk and hired a fairly unknown 20-something model, Chung, to star in his music video, I Could Well Be In. Twelve years later, they met again at a dinner. And from there…creative genius sparked.

In celebration of the launch of Chung’s highly anticipated collection, ALEXACHUNG, the pair reunited to produce another music video, this time to song In My Head – The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light, exclusively for

“It was so lovely to be reunited with Mike after all these years,” Chung says of the collaboration. “He wanted to explore that sort of Lost In Translation connection moment that happens between strangers sometimes where you have this great experience because of happenstance and it's wonderful and special but sort of isolated and disconnected from your life path. I think he's so good at observing human behavior and unveiling the truth and that talent comes through in both his music and in this video he has made.”

Sit tight. You can shop the collection on on May 31st.