Alex Rodriguez Shared His Thoughts on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Reunion

Is this a subtle jab?

Alex Rodriguez is maybe not so subtly sharing his thoughts about recent headlines regarding his ex. On Tuesday outside of a Miami restaurant, the former New York Yankees player was questioned about his feelings toward Jennifer Lopez's reunion with Ben Affleck.

In a video obtained by Page Six, as the former baseball player got out of his car with an assistant, he's asked, "What do you think about the news about Jennifer and Ben?" To which Arod simply responded with a "Go Yankees!" and a smile.

Alex Rodriguez Just Took a Subtle Jab At Ben Affleck
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This may seem rather innocent, but any MLB fan knows these are fighting words given Affleck's loyal support of the Boston Red Sox and disdain for the team's longtime rival: the New York Yankees. I mean Affleck is such a big Red Sox fan that he refused to wear a Yankees cap while filming his movie Gone Girl. So ...

Affleck's fierce love of the Red Sox actually caused some tension back when he and Lopez were engaged 17 years ago. "You can't ask somebody who's born in the Bronx not to root for the Yankees, but you can ask them to do it downstairs," he said at the time. "It's not a topic that creates a lot of harmony at home."

Despite giving off a carefree attitude when questioned, Arod was allegedly shocked and "saddened" by the "Bennifer" reunion. A source close to Rodriguez told E! News on Monday that "A-Rod is shocked that J.Lo has moved on. He truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect. He has been reaching out to J.Lo trying to meet with her and she has been very short with him."

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