Alex Rodriguez Has Finally Reached the Stage Where He Can Joke About His Breakup with Jennifer Lopez

It's been a long road.

Six months post-split from Jennifer Lopez, and Alex Rodriguez can finally joke about his new single status. But that's not to say it was easy for him to get to this place. After the couple broke off their engagement, A-Rod was really going through it — not only did he share a video of a J.Lo shrine set to Coldplay's "Fix You" on Instagram, he also reportedly reached out to let her know he was upset about her reunion with Ben Affleck.

This week, the former baseball player put all the cryptic posts and shady comments behind him, and actually cracked a joke about why he and J.Lo are no longer together. While covering the American League Series with broadcasters Kevin Burkhardt, David Ortiz, and Frank Thomas on Fox Sports, the group began to discuss how several Tampa Bay Rays players were eating popcorn in the dugout during a matchup against the Boston Red Sox, and suddenly the highlight reel cut to a throwback video of Rodriguez struggling to eat the snack while being hand-fed by his then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz.

"It's not the first time people had been eating popcorn in the middle of the game," Burkhardt said of the footage of Rodriguez and Diaz at Super Bowl XLV in 2010. A-Rod responded with a smile, "KB, that's maybe why I'm single."

Rodriguez and Diaz dated for a year on and off before officially calling it quits in 2011, and prior to their breakup, Diaz defended "popcorn-gate" on The Late Show with David Letterman. "You want to know the story, Dave?" Diaz said at the time. "You get an exclusive. You get an exclusive. After all of this, I'll tell you exactly what was happening."

She continued, "We were watching the game, and I was eating, and I was getting down to, like, the last couple pieces of popcorn, and all of a sudden, I see a hand coming in. And I'm like – anybody who knows me does not put their hand in my food, especially when it's close to my mouth. And I said, 'What are you…?' And then I went, 'You know what? I love you too much. I'm going to give it to you. You deserve it.' It was the only piece of popcorn that I even put near his face, and they happened to have the camera on right when I did it."

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