Well, this is awkward.

We've all been there. Everybody has those post-breakup cringe moments, where we just need to get off social media and put the phone down. Alex Rodriguez, I'm looking at you.

The former New York Yankees player clearly had a case of F.O.M.O this week, after Jennifer Lopez's good friend and vocal coach Stevie Mackey posted a video to his Instagram with his friends at a Taco Tuesday event. Although Lopez wasn't in the video Rodriguez commented on, she made an appearance during a different video that Mackey posted from the gathering.

"Doing a little run thru before Taco Tuesday," the vocal coach wrote. "This is my fav part of the night cause I've spend 90% of my life in rehearsals😅😳😍."

Rodriguez took to the comments section to inquire about his invite. "Where is my invite - Stevie?!😍," he wrote. Mackey responded "@arod anytime brother!! Haha."

Meanwhile, the "Let's Get Loud" singer has had a busy week of taco nights and promoting her upcoming song and music video "Cambria El Paso," which will be released on Monday, July 5. The singer and actress has been teasing little clips of the song, and last night she shared a video in Spanish where she introduced the song and shouted out her collaborator, Latin artist Rauw Alejandro, Daily Mail notes. She switched to English and added, "There it is," and showed a quick shot of the video on her laptop.

"Un mensaje especial para mi #JLovers …," she wrote. "Tan emocionada por #CambiaElPaso … disponible este lunes ✨." Which translates in English to "A special message for my # JLovers …So excited for #CambiaElPaso … available this Monday ✨."