The show was accused of perpetuating stereotypes.

By Kimberly Truong
Oct 26, 2020 @ 2:04 pm

Not everyone was a fan of Adele's debut hosting appearance on Saturday Night Live.

While the singer won praise for her opening monologue, one of the episode's sketches has drawn controversy, after some called out what they noted as a stereotypical portrayal and reductive portrayal of Africa. In the "Africa Tourism" sketch, Adele, Kate McKinnon, and Heidi Gardner played divorcées advertising tourism to the continent, making innuendos about Africa’s "tribesmen" and "massive bamboos" as shirtless Black men walked by in the background, leading white women with them.

Though people love seeing SNL actors and guests breaking character and laughing during sketches — as Adele did — for many, the satire in this particular sketch just didn't land. People called out the show for further perpetuating stereotypes and sexualizing Black men, which seems especially tone-deaf during a time when anti-SARS protests continue in Nigeria. (During the episode, musical guest H.E.R's band wore #EndSARS shirts.)

Adele herself was recently the topic of controversy when she wore her hair in Bantu knots, a historically Black hairstyle while celebrating London's annual Notting Hill Carnival.