Adele's New Zealand Concert Was Interrupted by a Beetle

Though she doesn't do much in the way of choreography or pyrotechnics, Adele's concerts are always some of our faves. The Grammy Award-winning singer is currently in New Zealand as part of her world tour.

She's no wallflower and has definitely let out a few choice expletives onstage, be that during her performances or at award shows. And after the harrowing attacks in her hometown of London and a touching tribute to those who lost their lives there, she found a way to bring some joy to our lives, as she's known to do.

During her latest concert, she was visited by someone who wanted some stage time: a beetle!

She was definitely perturbed to find it nibbling away at her just a bit. Adele said some things during the moment that we'd rather not repeat, but thankfully you can catch it all in the videos above. Naturally, the audience laughed hysterically. So did we, to be quite honest.

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To note, Adele was definitely calmer and more collected than we've ever been around an insect that just appeared out of nowhere. Most of all because she decided the beetle wasn't her enemy and thus sat down onstage to talk with it. Hilarious!

We're awaiting the shenanigans that are sure to take place onstage at Adele's next concert.

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