at Bloomingdale's 59th Street Store on June 9, 2016 in New York City.
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When it comes to choosing his undergarments, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson isn’t cool with the fact that there’s just a little bit of a selection available.

The rapper celebrated the launch of customizable men’s undergarment brand Frigo RevolutionWear at Bloomingdale’s in New York City last night, and he was proudly putting his love for the line on display. “I wear Frigo—it’s the new thing,” Jackson told InStyle, lifting his suit jacket and pulling up the band of his briefs to reveal that they did, in fact, say Frigo. [Editor’s note: The title of this article was almost “Today, 50 Cent Showed Me His Underwear.”]

Jackson is such a fan of the brand that he even wears them to sleep—at least, most of the time. The star revealed that when he hits the sheets at night, his pre-bedtime, um, activities play a key factor in his wardrobe choices. “I wear underwear—if I didn’t get lucky,” he said, laughing.

But during the day, Jackson is all about Frigo. “I think it’s more upscale, and it’s cool,” he said of the brand, which just partnered with New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony. “It’s good for men to be able to get something that’s a grade higher than the traditional stuff.” The lack of variety in the men’s department is often frustrating, noted Jackson—especially when you consider the plethora of lingerie options available for the opposite sex. “Women can go from Victoria’s Secret to La Perla,” said Jackson. “They can buy underclothes instead of cars! But then for men, everything comes three in a pack? It’s got to get better than that.”

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Thanks to Frigo, Jackson is hopeful that the future of men’s undergarments is a bright one. “We’re creating that space for people to become comfortable with [having more options], and I expect it to be successful,” he said. And Jackson was happy to team up with Anthony for the launch event. “That’s my boy,” said Jackson. “I go to the Knicks games to support my bro, and I’m a friend of his family. [His wife] La La also plays a recurring character on my show, Power, and now she’s a series regular. So you’ll be seeing more of her in season three and moving forward.”

50 Cent and Carmelo Anthony - Embed 1
Credit: Shareif Ziyadat

And Jackson's own devotion to the Starz drama—in which he stars as well as executive produces—is a sign of his overall work ethic. "The projects that I’m involved in, I look at them like they’re successes," said Jackson. "I just say, what is the timeline for it to reach that point—because I’m not able to work on them hard enough if I don’t believe they’ll be successful.”