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The Internet is convinced that Jenny Slate and Jon Hamm are dating, and TBH we’re devoting all foreseeable 11:11 wishes to it being true.

I mean, let’s look at the evidence: They’re both single. They’re both hot. They’re both hilarious. How is this not a match made in Hollywood heaven?

The (hopefully true) rumor gathered steam a few days ago when the Aardvark co-stars were spotted leaving a movie theater together in N.Y.C. Obviously, the exciting (though unexpected) sighting sent Twitter into a speculative tailspin.


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Neither party has confirmed or denied the Internet’s claims, so fingers crossed!

Over at InStyle HQ, we’re all for this possible pairing—scroll down below to find out why (we’re right):

They’ve both been open about being single and expressed their eagerness to get back in the game

Jenny discussed her breakup and relationship with Chris Evans with Vulture last March, noting that she was eager to find the right person who can handle her romantic baggage. “I am inclined toward partnership,” she said, “Whoever is the next person is going to have to respect that I had a husband who I loved and this boyfriend who I loved so much, and I don’t want to have to act like they weren’t important.” Ding, ding, ding—Jon Hamm!

Hamm recently toldInStyle how unhappy he is being single after his breakup with girlfriend of 18 years, Jennifer Westfeldt. “It’s hard to be single after being together for a long time,” Hamm admitted, “It’s really hard. It sucks.”

We have a quick fix for both of them: each other!

They’re both silly

How cute are they?! We can picture it now—Jenny will put on funny voices and Jon will reprise his Bridesmaids character for some hilarious nights in.

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They Both Earned Their Success the Hard Way

Neither Jenny nor Jon was born into fame. Slate spent several years playing bit roles here and there, and struggled to break the character actress mold. She suffered a career setback in 2010 when she was infamously fired from her freshman season on SNL after dropping an F-bomb on air. Jon also floundered for the first years of his career—despite his talent and undeniable good looks, Hamm nursed small roles until hitting the big time on Mad Men in 2007—he was 36.

These two know how hard it is to make your dreams a reality, and damn, we’re so glad they did.

They’re Both Tired of Being Typecast

During an interview with The Collider, Jenny Slate shared that’s she’s often typecast as the bitch. “I’ve been playing a lot of bitchy characters on TV, which honestly really confounds me. I don’t think honestly that’s my vibe in life,” she told the site.

Hamm, too, has expressed his desire to seen outside the role that defined his career, and to stop being cast as the “handsome guy.” “I bring more to the table than what I represent physically,” the actor told The Guardian. “It’s a daily struggle to prove that. Obviously it’s a lovely thing for people to say … [I’m handsome], but sometimes it comes with a sh—y dig underneath,” he said.

Think of the tables they’ll turn together!

They’re Both Politically Active

Slate frequently makes her political opinions heard on social media:

And while Jon does not engage on such platforms, he’s made his stance clear through his participation in campaign fundraisers and such.