40 Weeks Deep: Meet Bella Hadid's Under-the-Radar BFF

Welcome to 40 Weeks Deep, where we shamelessly examine the lives of the rich and Instagram famous. These people have hundreds of thousands of followers, but their real lives remain unclear. Still, it’s fun to look at. Here, we scroll deep to unearth the truth–or at least, what makes them Instagram gold. 

Photo: lauren_perez/Instagram

Meet Lauren Perez, best friend of Bella Hadid, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. She's attended many a celebrity birthday party, including Kylie's 19th in Turks and Caicos, and Gigi Hadid's 21st bottle-popping extravaganza. We may not know how old she is (early 20s perhaps), or what she does for a living (maybe nothing), but, damn, this girl is living the good life.

A quick scroll of her Instagram feed shows plenty of glamorous trips abroad, like that time she went to Paris and tried on the red fur heart-shaped YSL coat made famous by Rihanna. Oh, and who's standing next to her in the mirror selfie? Kendall Jenner, of course.

She's a fan of the airbrushed photobooth shot, as well as the semi-grainy polaroid-inspired photo.

And, of course, as a Cali-girl classic, she traffics in skin-baring bikini pics. Even better when they're taken with your supermodel BFF, on a reality star's yacht during her birthday trip to the Caribbean.

This is Perez's version of "super busy," so we think it's safe to say she lives a fabulous and fancy-free life, with plenty of time for leisure.

And this is what she calls "working."

There are many more FOMO-inducing Instagrams just waiting to be envied. So, go ahead and scroll; you don't even have to worry about an accidental double-tap! The girl has over 200k followers with tens of thousands of likes on most of her pictures. Even if you do get past 40 weeks deep, an accidental like would be no big deal. Happy stalking!

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