By Christina Shanahan
Updated Oct 07, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
Britt Nicole LEAD
Credit: Sarah Balch

Britt Nicole's last studio album, Gold, climbed the pop charts, thanks in part to its catchy title track, which even made it onto soundtracks for films like Cameron Diaz's The Other Woman. Now, the 32-year-old singer, whose full name is Brittany Nicole Waddell is introducing her latest album, Britt Nicole, which she describes as more mature, but with the same message of hope that she's become known for.

"I've been working on this record for about four years, and a lot of life experiences happened during that time," says Waddell. "I got married and had two babies. There are songs about my husband, my kids, my friends, my struggles, and my faith. It's a true representation of who I am." InStyle sat down with the singer to get the scoop on what else we can expect.

1. She wrote the songs to inspire young girls.
"A running theme in all of my music is self worth. I grew up with divorced parents and when I was younger, I had to work to find confidence. So many young girls come up to me after my shows with their heads down and I can just tell that they don't love themselves, so I try to write songs that will inspire them."

2. Waddell worked with her husband to produce it.
"He produced my first record and my last record, too, but this time we wanted to let other songwriters and producers collaborate with us, too. I would say there were about seventy people total who worked on it, and it was really fun watching everyone come together to make my vision come to life."

3. She'll kick off a tour in January.
"I'm really excited because there's an East Coast run and a West Coast run, so I'll be doing shows from January through April. My kids are going to come with me, so before the tour starts, we're going to take a break and have some family time in December—hopefully we'll be able to visit New York."