By Michelle Guerrere
Updated Apr 10, 2016 @ 9:30 am
Courtesy Everett Collection

Believe it or not, Queen Elizabeth liked to wear bling back in the day (in a tasteful way, of course). The good news is that for those of us who weren't around to witness her younger self's fashion sense first-hand, according to the DailyMail, 150 of her iconic dresses will be on display starting this month as part of her 90th birthday celebration. The exhibition entitled "Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of Style from The Queen's Wardrobe" will be the largest public showing of the Queen's dresses in Scotland, starting out at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on April 21 (her actual birthday) and making its way to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle by September.


Some of the most memorable gowns include a turquoise belted dress with matching bolero by British designer Norman Hartnell that the Queen wore to her sister Princess Margaret's wedding in 1960. Also part of the exhibit is a deep purple car coat and green dress that the royal wore to the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, a black velvet frock with blue sash she wore to meet with Pope John Paul II in 1980, and a positively regal gold jeweled ballgown from a trip to visit President Eisenhower in 1957. Here's to celebrating nine decades of the monarch's style through fashion.

Tim Graham