The Holiday - LEAD
Credit: Columbia Pictures/Courtesy of The Everett Collection

Nothing gets us into the holiday spirit more than a good Christmas movie. And this week, one of our all-time faves, The Holiday, turns 10.

That’s right, it’s been a decade since the Nancy Meyers masterpiece introduced us to Amanda (Cameron Diaz), Iris (Kate Winslet), Graham (Jude Law), Miles (Jack Black), and of course, Arthur (Eli Wallach). And yet all these years later, the movie still gives us the same warm fuzzies that it did the first time around.

Besides being way ahead of its time with the whole house swapping thing (Airbnb didn’t even exist back then), The Holiday showed every other romcom how it’s done. The casting was spot-on, the sets were picture perfect, the dialogue was sweet—but not too sappy, and most important, everything gets wrapped up in a festive little bow.

Keep scrolling for 15 more reasons that the Christmas classic deserves a re-watch this month.

1. It gave us Jude Law as Mr. Napkin Head:

2. It validates ridiculous footwear choices in the snow:

3. Two words—Arthur Abbott:

4. It brings us back to the days of Blockbuster & Chill:

5. The setting was downright idyllic:

6. It really let Cameron Diaz explore a full range of emotions:

7. It serves up major holiday party goals:

8. It taught us all about meets cutes:

9. It puts big picture things into perspective:

10. It makes pillow forts look magical:

11. And turned Jack Black and Kate Winslet into doodle prodigies:

12. It gave us this epic sing-along to The Killers:

13. It’s corny—in the best way possible:

14. It's realistic about eating healthy during the holidays:

15. And last, but not least, this oh-so-happy ending: