This “1 Minute” Hair Transforming Cream From a Celebrity Stylist's Brand Smoothes My Frizz in Seconds

It’s an Amazon best-seller for a reason.

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This "1 Minute" Styling Cream From a Celebrity Hair Stylist's Brand Instantly Smoothes My Frizzy Hair


My hair has been frizzy since before I knew what frizzy meant. At some point between toddler years and elementary school, my perfect ring curls turned into waves, which — by the end of the day — turned into a poofed-out mess. It was when I walked into my first grade classroom with tightly braided hair on a rainy day that my teacher introduced me to the term, explaining that the hair style was also her go-to way to tame humidity-intensified unruliness.

I’ve since found other, more convenient solutions, like not over-brushing my hair and applying lightweight oils, but even those methods haven’t quite been able to help me achieve the silky, zero-flyaway hair of my dreams. But recently, I was introduced to a styling cream that claimed to transform hair in just a minute, and, to my dismay, it did just that. 

Color Wow One Minute Transformation


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Color Wow was founded by Chris Appleton, the celebrity hair stylist whose clientele consists of A-listers from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez and whose products have been used on dozens of stars including Rihanna. So it’s unsurprising one of his brand’s best-selling products is a styling cream designed to help you achieve the shiny, silky locks he creates for his clients in the comfort of your home. The One Minute Transformation Styling Cream is formulated to instantly smooth frizz and reduce bumps caused by updos and bed head. By applying just a small amount to unruly areas, the product is meant to give you smooth, salon-quality hair with minimal effort.

A one-minute transformation is quite the promise, so while I was expecting to be underwhelmed I was also hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I was on day two of a blowout, and the frizz that my stylist had managed to tone down 24 hours prior was back. In an effort to get rid of it, I squeezed a dime sized amount of the styling cream into my hand and combed it through my dry hair. My goal was to at minimum reduce the flyaways and at best revive the slept-in blow out. Gently working the product through my hair, I watched the frizz reduce before my eyes, with unruly strands seamlessly falling back into place. While the near-immediate results spoke for themselves, I was further impressed by the lightweight nature of the cream which left my hair soft to the touch. There was no stickiness or crunch, rather, my hair was glossy and bouncy.

I’m not alone in making this a staple of my hair routine, with more than 7,600 Amazon shoppers giving it a perfect five-star rating. One person even deemed it the “best thing that’s ever happened to [their] hair,” explaining that it’s the only thing that’s worked for reducing their curl’s humidity-induced frizz. And many shoppers rave about the simplicity of the product. “It actually took [a] very little amount to straighten my frizz with my hands only. [One] swipe through my hair and wow,” said one person, who swears by the cream to manage their “thick, coarse,” and “kinky” locks. Another customer who uses it daily wrote how impressed they were with its ability to “cut frizz instantly” while leaving “zero build-up.”

This transformative styling cream is my holy grail hair product, so you know I’ll be restocking for the summer. Grab a bottle of your own at Amazon for just $24.

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