The Highlighter Used on Carrie Bradshaw in 'And Just Like That..' Gives Shoppers "Healthy and Glowing" Skin

Get a peek into the makeup used in the show's next season.

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this is the highlighter responsible for carrie bradshaws glow in the next season of and just like that

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There are two types of people in the world — team Aidan and team Mr. Big. I am on the former; John Corbett is a heartthrob. And as filming gets underway for season two of And Just Like That…, we have been privy to a number of sartorial sneak peeks. Though fashion is always front of mind when it comes to Carrie Bradshaw, her beauty approach deserves recognition too. Last season, she wore one of my (and much of the internet’s) favorite blushes, and this forthcoming season her makeup artist revealed that Carrie’s glow is thanks to Neen’s Pretty Shiny Cream Highlighter. 

In an Instagram story, MUA Elaine Offers Woulard snapped two of the three Pretty Shiny shades (the gold Metta and pink Luna) with the caption “shiny cream highlighters for tonight’s look” with the hashtag #carriesmakeups2

Pretty Shiny Cream Shimmer


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Neen is a new makeup brand from Jeanine Lobell, the founder of Stila. It’s still under the radar, but it’s an obsession of many beauty editors I know, and I’m sure that’s going to be all over social media soon. 

The products are clean, refillable, and so easy to use that I swear you could apply them with your eyes closed. The highlighter is one of the stand-out products of the collection;, it’s thick enough to not be messy but not so much so that it’s hard to blend. It spreads like room-temperature butter and the shine is visible but not unnatural looking. 

this is the highlighter responsible for carrie bradshaws glow in the next season of and just like that

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Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of And Just Like That… in Neen Pretty Shiny Cream Highlighter. 

An enthusiastic reviewer wrote, “I literally put this product everywhere. I mix it in with my foundation for a subtle all-over glow. I put it on my cheeks, nose, brows, eyelids, and collarbones of course. I just started mixing it in with my body lotion, and I am never going back.” Another wrote that they “receive so many compliments” on their “glowing and healthy” skin whenever they wear this. 

Head to Neen to shop the Pretty Shiny Highlighter Carrie Bradshaw, a beauty editor, and in-the-know shoppers recommend. (BTW: The most universally wearable shade is the champagne gold-ish Metta.)

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