The Ultra-Comfy Summer Sneaker Helen Mirren Wears Looks Nearly Unrecognizable After Its Latest Makeover

I’m *wild* for this collection.

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Cariuma Sneaker Launch

Courtesy of Cariuma

I’ve never been a floral person. Sure, the dainty print is groundbreaking, but TBH, it’s not for me. I prefer my solids — my trusty blacks, whites, and cream-colored attire that’s simple, sleek, and timeless. That said, the second I set my sights on Cariuma’s newest Wildflower collection, my hesitation to florals melted away. I was in love! I needed flora on my sneakers, stat.

Cariuma isn’t shy to unveil new collections, and that’s one reason I’m such a fan of the brand. It delivers newness more often than not, and somehow, said newness always manages to outdo the prior “newness.” Just a few weeks ago, Cariuma x Pantone launched their summer 2023 sneaker collab, with kicks that are bright, cheery, and oh-so-juicy for the sunny season, but the latest feels even more seasonally appropriate because, well, wildflowers.

The new iterations of the fan-favorite OCA style (Dame Helen Mirren is an avid wearer of this silhouette, FYI!) include two prints: a dainty, pastel-hued cottage floral pattern that’s a bit more understated, as well as a poppy, dark-hued floral print with pink and blue flowers sprinkled on top of a black canvas. Both will cost you $89, and both are certain to sell out. Mark my words.

Cariuma Sneakers Light


Shop now: $89;

The new additions to the Oca family might look a little different, but the design is all the same. You’ll find the beloved, breathable organic cotton-canvas upper that’s perfect for the summer months, plus a natural, slip-resistant rubber outsole, a removable, vegan insole that offer support and comfort, and laces made from recycled plastics. Bonus: They’re also machine washable. Simply remove the insole, throw them in the machine, and they’ll come out looking (and smelling) as good as new.

The message behind this special wildflower collection, which launched in tandem with International Day for Biological Diversity, is simple: It’s all about shining light on the importance of wildflowers and their positive impact on the environment and biodiversity. Per the press release, “these fabulous, powerful pollinators are paving the way for plant reproduction and a flourishing natural world.” So the newest Ocas aren’t just cute; they send an important message, as well. 

Shop them while they’re still in stock. You’ll be wearing them all season long.

Cariuma Sneakers Dark


Shop now: $89;

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