Laneige Teamed Up With This Popular Humidifier Brand to Create the Ultimate Hydration Bundle

Shoppers say it leaves dry skin “healthy and dewy.”

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Get Hydrated Healthy Winter Skin with Laneige x Canopy


I never thought about the need for a humidifier until my mother got sick. Her doctors advised us to keep humidifiers in the apartment to help with her sore throat and the general dryness caused by chemotherapy. We had two going at all times, and I haven’t been unable to live without one since. The Canopy Humidifier has stood out above the rest, and it’s just collaborated with the beauty brand that shoppers and celebrities can’t get enough of: Laneige. 

Laneige is the brand behind the lip mask that Sydney Sweeney, Kendall Jenner, Zoe Saldaña, and a laundry list of other celebrities use. It’s also a hit with shoppers, it has thousands of five-star reviews, and it is constantly selling out thanks to its incredibly moisturizing properties. So a collaboration between the most moisturizing product you can put on your lips and a device that ensures your skin is hydrated beyond surface-level just makes sense.

Canopy x Laneige comes with the staple Canopy Humidifier and includes a free sample of Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask, which is packed with squalane and a skin barrier-boosting probiotic complex, three aroma pucks, and three diffusing aromas. 

Canopy Laneige Aroma Kit


Shop now: $125 (Originally $150);

The Face Mask is an obvious solution for hydrated skin, but according to dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman, humidifiers are important too, since “they benefit the skin in many ways.” The New York City-based dermatologist says “studies show being out in cold weather for even 30 minutes creates noticeably drier skin.” So a humidifier — especially like Canopy’s, will help you get “evaporative air at the perfect humidity level (40–60 percent), which in turn, adds moisture to the skin and calms redness.”

The Laneige Mask and the Canopy together are like a one-two punch of hydration. You envelope your skin in moisturizing squalane, and the humid air adds to and prevents moisture from escaping. 

The Canopy has over 300 five-star reviews, and customers praise so many of its varying benefits. One reviewer wrote that, “it’s helped so much with a bout of allergies I had last year, and it’s kept me and my husband hydrated overnight, so we wouldn’t wake up dried out from the radiator heat.”

Canopy has a few features that really make it a game-changing addition to your home: it turns on and off on its own to prevent mold caused by sitting water, as well as an auto feature that adjusts to the time of day. One reviewer explained the science succinctly, “If you try and turn it off while there's still water in the tank, it'll turn back on and run until there is no liquid and the filter isn't damp so that mold doesn't grow.” Plus, the parts are dishwasher safe, making it super easy to clean.

The Laneige Mask, on the other hand, has over 250 five-star reviews on Sephora. One reviewer wrote, “it makes my skin feel so hydrated. I strongly recommend it for the harsh winter months. In video chats where I had this product on, I was told my skin looked so healthy and dewy.” Although you’re getting just a small sample size in this kit, that reviewer said their travel size Laneige Water Sleeping Mask lasted them a year. 

Canopy x Laneige is a limited edition collaboration, and while I think everyone should have one in their home, it makes a great holiday gift, too. 

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