Byredo’s Newly Relaunched Symphonique Is the “It” Candle to Give This Year

Cedar wood, clove, and sweet anise mix and mingle for just the right amount of holiday spiciness.

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Byredo Symphonique Candle Review

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I’m mildly embarrassed to admit that I’ve become one of those candle-crazed millennials. But I wasn’t always like this! Before the era of social distancing and working from home, I had one or two fancy candles that basically served as fragrant show ponies. I’d pull them out of the closet and prominently place them in the bathroom or on the counter before friends came over. But once I started working from home day in and day out, candles quickly became my new coworkers and I was lighting up with abandon. And now, all I want for Christmas are more fancy candles.

Candles have always served as a reliable, safe — and somewhat lazy — gift for nearly any occasion. No idea what to get your kooky mother-in-law or the friend who already has everything? Go the candle route. But with the rise of chic fashion candles a la Byredo, Tom Ford, and Le Labo, among many others, gifting one of these luxuriously packaged and deeply scented fashion candles became the thing to do.

And this holiday season, Byredo has generously bestowed upon us a new status candle, Symphonique, to put a sultry spin on a seasonal fragrance. 

Byredo Symphonique Candle

Symphonique Candle

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Although Symphonique is not exclusively a holiday candle—though I, for one, plan to burn it all year long—it certainly smells like one, even scoring a spot on our list of the best holiday candles of 2022. This festively-forward candle opens with striking top notes of bitter orange and spicy-sweet anise, evoking an overall sense of warmth and coziness, before settling into its beeswax, ginger, and clove heart notes. But after all, what is a holiday candle without the spirit of greenery or forests? With a strong foundation of cedarwood, Symphonique covers all the familiar and beloved seasonal bases, yet still smells totally unique. 

Plus, by touching a few different fragrance families for a layered dose of holiday spirit, the scent refuses to fit squarely into just one fragrant box, meaning that it can satisfy a wide range of preferences.

Byredo Candle

Chloe Anello

What I absolutely do not find embarrassing is the fact that nearly everyone on my holiday list is going to get this candle, because really, I can’t find one thing not to love about it. I am obsessed with the thick, black glass vessel (which I will of course clean out and repurpose as a jar for my cotton balls), which appears completely opaque when the candle isn’t aflame, but once lit, becomes ever so slightly transparent to allow for a soft glow. 

I also truly can’t believe how long the fragrance lingers and wafts through the air, even if I’ve only had it lit for a short period of time. I mean, we’re talking days after I had it flickering, I’ll still be welcomed by the scent as I walk through my front door. And when it comes to fancy candles, you can separate the true high-quality and well-made options from the posers based on how long the scent hangs within the space.

The only thing I don’t absolutely love about Symphonique is the price point at $90 (although at least my friends and family will know that I didn’t cheap out on their gifts). Yet, with an estimated burn time of 60 hours, I daresay shoppers are getting the better end of this deal. 

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