I Treat Myself to This Small but Luxurious Indulgence Every Valentine’s Day

Hair perfume is a romantic gesture in my book.

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Every Valentine's Day I Gift Myself the Same Small Indulgence

Byredo/ InStyle

Whether or not you believe in Hallmark holidays, the reality is that society still makes them happen. As someone who is chronically single or in situationships (... nervous laughter), I decided a while ago that I would use every Valentine’s Day as a moment to treat myself. So for the past couple of years, I’ve given myself the same gift come February 14 — Byredo’s Gypsy Water Hair Perfume

It’s a small indulgence and part of a wonderful routine I look forward to. I take a leisurely walk down to the Byredo store in Soho, New York, stopping along the way at any boutique, park, or coffee shop that catches my eye before grabbing a meal at my late mother’s favorite Mexican restaurant, spending  some time thinking about her. When I arrive at the Byredo store, I take my time trying hand creams, smelling the new scents, seeing the limited edition goods, swatching makeup — but I already know exactly what’s going in my cart. When I am ready to leave, I head to the counter with my bottle of Gypsy Water Hair Perfume and spritz some (from the open tester bottle) in my hair and head out.

Gypsy Water Hair Perfume


Shop now: $80; nordstrom.com

If you’ve ever experienced the fragrance, beauty, and accessories brand, then you know there is no shortage of items to pine over, but I settled on this hair perfume for a few reasons.It’s a small indulgence and gift to myself, and even though it’s more expensive than an everyday purchase, it’s not enough to give me financial anxiety. 

People get hints of it throughout the day, when they’re close to me or come in for a hug, but it’s a treat for me above all else. I spray it mostly to the underside of my hair and throughout the day I get whiffs of it when the wind blows, when I tousle my hair, and when I put it up before I get into bed. 

It is a personally romantic gift that is a reminder to take care of and treat myself. Head to Nordstrom to shop Byredo’s hair perfumes and treat yourself, too.

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