Shoppers in Their Mid-40s Say This Now-$16 Eye Cream “Does Wonders” for Dark Circles and Puffiness

“It really helps keep the under eye bright and plump.”

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BYBI Eye Plump Overnight Eye Cream Retinol Alternative
Credo .

For some, eye cream is simply a bonus step in their everyday routine. However, anyone with crow’s feet, dark circles, or noticeably puffy under-eye bags is more likely to consider it a necessity. “The skin around the eye is very thin and delicate. It’s also one of the first areas to show signs of aging,” facial plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Somenek previously told InStyle, adding that consistent use of under-eye treatments can prevent the effects of the age cycle on this sensitive area. 

While some of the best eye creams can cost well over $200, you don’t actually need to splurge in order to find an effective formula. Consider BYBI Beauty Bakuchiol Overnight Eye Cream: Although it currently costs just $16, it’s packed with ingredients proven to smooth and energize tired skin. Regarded as a gentler alternative to retinol, bakuchiol encourages your skin to generate collagen, which smooths lines and wrinkles without leaving your face red and irritated. Other key parts of this formula include ultra-plumping hyaluronic acid, elasticity-promoting rose oil, and broccoli extract, which contains loads of brightening vitamin C

BYBI Beauty Eye Plump Bakuchiol Overnight Eye Cream


Shop now: $16 (Originally $20);

Most importantly, shoppers say it truly helps to ward off signs of age and fatigue. “After two nights of use I woke up to tighter, less puffy under eyes” wrote one reviewer. “It really helps keep the under eye bright and plump,” added another user who dubbed the cream their “hands-down” favorite. A third fan in their mid-40s raved that it “does wonders” for their under-eye area and is “very hydrating.”

For best results, the brand recommends applying a pea-sized amount to your under eyes everyday (and following up with SPF if you decide to incorporate the cream into your morning routine). To try a tightening eye cream that’s sensitive-skin friendly, you can shop the BYBI Beauty Bakuchiol Overnight Eye Cream from Credo while it’s on sale for $16.

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