9 Ways to Wear This Under-the-Radar Fall Nail Color

It'll be nearly impossible to pick just one.

Brown Nail Art Ideas

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Let's set the scene: it's a crisp, sunny fall afternoon and you're wrapped up in a cozy wool scarf and walking through the park admiring the changing leaves as you sip on a pumpkin spice latte. This cliché, albeit picturesque, scenario is exactly where the colors associated with fall are plucked from.

Burgundy, burnt orange, hunter green, and berry are all seasonal fall colors that will never go out of style. While these shades are always foolproof options for your fall manicures, if you're looking for a new option for 2022, brown is the under-the-radar shade to consider.

Not only is brown a neutral shade that will complement your seasonal wardrobe, there are various shades of it to choose from. What's more, brown will put a fall spin on any trending nail design.

No wonder brown is one of fall 2022's biggest nail color trends. Ahead, we've compiled our favorite takes on the brown nail art trend we've seen on Instagram.

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Brown Ombré

Look to the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves for manicure inspiration. Nail artist Amy Le painted each nail a different shade of brown starting from dark to light to create a cool ombré effect that's reminiscent of piles of leaves in the grass.

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Autumnal French Tips

Here, Chanel nail artist Betina Goldstein gave the classic French manicure a seasonal update. She used a deep mocha brown for the base and brownish burgundy for the tips.

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Coffee Swirls

If you're captivated by the creamy coffee and milk swirls as you stir your morning latte, simply mimic it on your nails. Think of these swirls as your standard French manicure with a caffeine kick.

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Tortoise Shell

Just like in fashion, animal prints are always in style. However, each season a different print will have a moment. The brown and orange shades of tortoise shell make it perfect for fall.

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Neapolitan Swirls

This tasty take on the half-moon manicure from Paintbox borrows colors from a staple ice cream flavor. The contrast between the chocolate swirls and strawberry pink base is so pretty, not to mention eye-catching.

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This camel-colored marble design is another solid option for nail art minimalists.

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Seeing Stars

Forget gold stars. This monochromatic brown manicure is equally excellent. To create, nail artist Hang Nguyen painted each nail chocolate brown (excluding the ring finger). Then, she painted the remaining nail taupe and added chocolate brown stars as an accent detail.

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Cow Print

Cow print is another animal print that looks amazing in brown.

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Fall Flowers

Some flowers bloom in the fall, including this brown petal design.

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